Sean Hannity and Mike Ghouse on Israel-Iran drums of war

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Today, I was with Sean Hannity and Reza Kahlili (former member of Iranian national
guard and under cover CIA operative) today. I was clear – War is
not the option, it will screw the Average American more than any one else, and
will destroy America besides guaranteeing insecurity for Israel for centuries to come.
On my part, I will do whatever it takes to protest bloody war. The screwed up heads Netanyahu, Obama/Romney and loose mouth Ahmedinejad will be fine – its the
average Iranian, Israeli and American that will be screwed.
Has there been a time when CIA and Mossad intelligence was right? 
They have been wrong all the times and so is this time.
I am against war, especially the ones based on falsities, and will do every thing I can to protest it. 
Sean Hannity, Mike Ghouse & Reza Kahlil
About Iran Israel conflict – the drums of war
Wednesday at 5 PM on August 22, 2012Check for local listings –

Mike Ghouse Talking points   
  • The war would be disastrous to Israel, Iran and
  • Even if you don’t care about Israel and Iran, we would be the losers.
  • More Americans will lose homes, jobs and
    everything they got.
  • The War Monger SOB’s on the other hand will
    enrich themselves.
  • No personal loss to Obama/Romney, Netanyahu,
    Ahmedinejad and others.
  • Ahmedinejad did not say, annihilate Israel, it
    was cooked up
  • The ordinary folks – Israeli, Iranians and Americans
    will be screwed.
  • The information of Mossad and CIA is cooked up
    to please the big dogs.
  • When was the last time CIA and Mossad were right?
  • Animals settle scores by locking horns and humans
    settle through dialogue
  • War is evil, and it should not happen.
  • Is this an elaborate scheme to weaken America?
  • We let America down when Bush went to war, not any more.
  • I will stand up against war, it is the patriotic thing to do
  • I hope you would aggressively stand up against war

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Should we trust Ahmedinejad? Netanyahu?

Both are faking to protect their nations, but will ruin it unless people dump them.

defense industry achievements will never be used for conquest: Ahmedinejad

“We do not (seek) the progress of the defense
industry for conquest and domination over other countries: Ahmedinejad

“We have to reach the point where the country’s
defense capabilities stop all the tyrants and hegemony and even make them back

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