Republicans for Obama

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Our nation is in crisis, we need to put politics aside and focus on building the nation.  What is good for America has got to be good for every American.

I have been a Republican in every sense of the party. However, the party has been taken over by radical men and women who are bent on destroying the cohesive fabric of America.  I will not run from it: instead I will stick with them and hope to raise hell and bring sanity.

Without Obama, we would have gone into wars with every nation out there and ruined the life of the average American.  Without Obama, we will go further down the tube, while right-wingers have safe havens to live from. It is time for us to start thinking of America first and the average American’s life first. Prosperity needs to come to every American, not just the top 1% of Americans blessed with wealth.

Mike Ghouse


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