Democratic National Convention, Charlotte NC

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a Pluralist and an inclusive individual, I do have identifications but have no boundaries;
nothing divides me and another person. I watched the Republican National Convention
last week and this week, I will be watching some of the DNC proceedings as I
have a big event next Tuesday in Dallas.
diversity of audience and speakers makes you feel home with the DNC, and I wish
Republican Party also works on being inclusive, although there is no such
policy to exclude anyone, but the leadership rhetoric keeps most people away
and now their platform really does push people out, no one at the party cares
about inclusiveness.

The speakers at DNC were mesmerizing, I watched every speaker, and each one of
them was good and had a heart touching story. Gov. Lincoln Chafee of RI,
reflected pretty much my views, I am a Moderate Republican and he was one too,
he could not relate with the party anymore and went on to become independent.
Ted Strickland, former Gov of Ohio delivered an impactful speech. The San
Antonia Mayor Julian Castro moved the people, he truly is a rising star and has
great communication skills like Obama, as a matter of fact, he has similar
mannerisms. It was an incredible speech, and Michelle Obama capped it off well,
sharing about the man Obama, what he is made of. She moved everyone in the
audience. I had really not watched her speak before; but she is one hell of a
good speaker.

only criticism I have was a sentence uttered by Julian Castro – when he said my
mother worked hard – she wanted me to hold this microphone instead of the
broomstick, as if holding the broomstick was a lesser value.  He could have said, she is joyous for his transition
from broomstick to microphone.
the speeches were uplifting.

A for Michelle Obama, Julian Castro, Gov. Chafee, Gov. Strickland, Lihn, Gov.

B for Minnesota Mayor Rybak, Congressman Jared, Nancy Keenan, Tammy Duckworth,
Gov OMalley

for Rahm Emanuel, Kathleen Sebelius and others.

Mike Ghouse is a speaker, thinker and a writer on the topics of Pluralism, Coexistence, politics, interfaith, Islam and cohesive societies. He is committed to building a cohesive America and offers pluralistic solutions on issues of the day.

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