Radio Pluralism in Washington DC

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Most of the talk shows cater to the conservatives, and a few to the progressives. What we don’t have are the talk shows for the Moderate Americans. It is time to connect with the Moderate Majority and bring common sense and pluralism to politics. Our Radio show would offer pluralistic solutions on issues of the day, as does our blog Pluralism News.

David Gold was a conservative talk show host in Dallas in the early 90’s and happened to be my tenant but refused to take me on the air. He was blunt, “Mike, my income is based on ratings, if I take you on the air, you will dilute my ratings by bringing reason into the conversation, and we cannot produce a show without tensions.” I understood that, and went ahead and got my own Radio show for 7 years until it was feasible.

In our show, we gave everyone a shot to express his or her opinion; we did not censor free speech. If we need sustainable solutions, all of us have to place our cards on the table. We are considering bringing the show to Washington, DC through your support and public funding.

Our program in Dallas was about religious pluralism, and we did 104 hours on Christianity, Hinduism and Islam respectively, and 52 hours each on Atheism, Bahá’í, Buddhism, Jainism, Judaism, Sikhism, Zoroastrianism and a combined 53 hours on Native American and pagan traditions. We will bring that back as well. It shall be a feast to the moderate majority of Americans.

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