Does Quran promote violence?

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When: Sunday, June 11, 2017 1:00 PM- 4:30 PM – refreshments provided

If you believe Quran teaches violence, this seminar is for you as it may release you from the anxieties that come with misinformation. This seminar is also for Muslims who are skeptical about Quran and need a healthy dose of confidence. 

The purpose of this seminar is to facilitate fresh thinking and removing misunderstandings so we all can live in peace and not live in apprehensions. This event is not to promote Islam. Our policy at the Center for Pluralism is to treat all faiths equally and with full dignity and no faith will be given any preference.

Some of us are misled by two of the nearly 50 Quran Translations, which were a product of politics and not Islam. In the middle Ages, European leaders commissioned a hostile Quran translation to foster warfare against Muslim invaders. Later, Muslim leaders produced another translation to inflame Muslims against Christians and Jews. It was all for politics. It is time to identify the problems, clarify them and start living our lives.

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