Prophet Muhammad's peace formula – Happy Milaad

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The 1444th Birth Celebration of Prophet Muhammad

I wanted to understand the prophet as a human with whom I can relate,
and critically review his contributions towards creating cohesive societies,
where no individual had to live in apprehension and fear of the other. The book,
Muhammad by Karen Armstrong was a great help in understanding the man
and his decision making process geared to create peaceful societies, and have
since come to love his work.

The best way to honor the prophet is to follow him, and become a Rahmat
(kind and just) to your spouse, kids, siblings, parents, family, friends,
customers, clients, vendors and every human around you. And if others feel safe
and secure with you, God and the prophet would be pleased with you.

I have made an attempt to narrate how the 15 incidents were influenced
by Prophet Muhammad’ peace gene.  
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