Incredible Muslim contribution – 1001 Inventions.

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Please take a look at this site listed below, you will be lost, there is so much to see on this site!  There are so many powerful videos, all made with grand themes and unbelievable production quality.  After a while in frustration you bang you fist, where did we go wrong from that point?

It is precisely the time when Muslims were made to shut up, and compelled not to ask questions; it is the time when Muslims were turned into takfiri robots conditioned to ignore “ Malik-i-Yomiddin” and pre-empt God in judging others to be less than Muslims or no Muslims at all.  Its time when we forgot the bottom line of God’s commandment – Mind your own damned business!

What do we need to do? First, open up our minds, no one is inferior or superior to us, except by our good acts that benefit mankind. Second we judge no one for their “faith” that is between the individual and God. Finally, learn to respect the otherness of others, that is how God has created each one of us by design, no one will bear other’s burdens, and you are responsible for you own deeds and not others. God assures his grace to everyone who takes care of his creation; life and matter.

The social atmosphere is conducive to do a lot of good to fellow beings, remember that is the highest of all the goods one can do. Just speak up, when you see something wrong, and if you do, you will be freed that you have done your job and that is the least you can do.

God has given us the life to cherish and enjoy it to the fullest both here and here after, we cannot be unjust and sacrifice one for the other.  Enjoy the God Given life, be free, Islam makes you free.

Site to visit –

Well, we have an organization in Dallas called Institute of Medieval Sciences that promotes the Muslim contribution to society, science and mathematics from that era. Their site is Thanks the Ambassador Ahsani, Dr. Basheer Ahmed and Mr. Edward Thomas the founding chairs of the organization, and if you have an interest join them and support their effort.

1001 Inventions: The Enduring Legacy of Muslim Civilization –
Mike Ghouse 

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