Press Release : Muslims Condemn the terrorists who attacked Nairobi Mall killing innocent people.

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Dallas, Texas – September 22, 2013.  Muslims condemn the attack on the Mall in Nairobi killing innocent people with a call for action to wipe these criminals off the face of the world. 

Boston Globe reports; Massacre at Nairobi Mall, ” Islamist militants ambushed a shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya, on Saturday killing more than 50 people and terrorizing the city. The siege was still taking place on Monday, as Kenyan forces tried to drive the militants out of the Westgate mall and save remaining hostages. Somalia’s Al Shabab claimed responsibility for the deadliest attack in Kenya since 1998. -Leanne Burden Seidel”
“Shamefully those criminals called themselves Muslims and claimed to do it for Islam. Did Muslims authorize them? Did Islam Authorize them? Hell no.  They are dirty criminals and we need to get them and punish them.” Asserts Mike Ghouse, the president of World Muslim Congress, a think tank committed to building cohesive societies and nurture the pluralistic values of Islam. 

” As the people of the world,we should not buy their alibi that they did it for Islam, the criminals did it on their own and we need to do unto them, what they did to other innocent people; terrorize.” 

Islam forbids killing another human, unless it is purely in self-defense, and it even forbids suicide, which amounts to betrayal of trust God placed in you.

We the people of the World have been giving a pass to these criminals by blaming Islam, rather than blaming the criminals. Its time we do the right thing and knock these guys out, hunt them, find them and lock them up,  unless they surrender and seek to change.

There is absolutely no justification for killing another human being, none whatsoever.

The hallmark of civil societies is that every resident of the society lives in peace with others. No one needs to live in apprehension or fear of the other, we are all God’s creation and God cares for us to take care of each other.

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