Pluralism Greetings and Prayer at the Unitarian Church

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Pluralism Greetings and Prayer at the Pathways Unitarian Church
South Lake, December 18, 2011
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1. Essence of greetings

A.  Acknowledging the stranger
B.  Inviting the other to connect with you
C.  Possible friendship

When you say Namaste to someone, you are essentially saying, let the good in you connect with the good in me.  When the Abrahamic faiths call Salaam, Shalom and peace to you, they are initiating a relationship with peace. May you be drenched in peace, soaked in peace and together we will talk, think and act peace. It is conditioning each other for creating good acts and talks.

2. Greetings

American – Aho piva (Cheyenne)
Baha’i –  Allah-u-Abha 
Buddhist – Buddha Namo
Christian – Peace to you
Hindu – Namaste
Jain – Jai Jinendra
Jewish – Shalom
Muslim – Salaam
Sikh – Satsri Akaal
Wicca – Hail to mother earth
Zoroastrian – Hamazor Hama Asho bed

3. Prayer

Dear creator. Please accept our gratitude in every name we call upon you; Mahio, manito, Yahweh, Elohim, Ishwar, Buddha, Wahe Guru, Ahura Mazda, Mother Earth, Allah and Jesus Christ.

Thank you lord for enriching our nation with your creation represented by different races, nationalities, ethnicities, languages, cultures and religions.

Dear God, together we see you as one, none and many and see you as male, female and genderless, we take you as a being as well as nonbeing, some us have a name for you and for some you are nameless, but together we believe we are one universe, one people and one humanity.

Dear causer of the Universe, in your name we want to create a cohesive and peaceful America with care, kindness and dignity to every one of the 312 million of us as well as 7 billion of us in the world.

Dear God, guide us to talk, act and believe that we are one humanity and one nation under you.

Dear God, as we undertake the mission of building cohesive societies, where no one has to live in apprehension of the other, we are painfully aware of the ignorance, fear, mistrust and ill-will that divides us, help us open our hearts and minds towards receiving each other.

Dear God, guide us to become conflict mitigaters and good will nurturers.

Dear God, Protect our men and women in uniforms committed to our safety and well being.

Dear God, help us think, speak and act peace every moment of the day.

Dear God, guide us to value and practice the principles of liberty and justice for all of your creation, just as you treat us.

Dear God, give us your infinite wisdom and give us the courage to do the right thing, every moment of the day.

Help us learn to respect the otherness of other in each one of us, and accept the god given uniqueness in each one do us.

In your precious name we bow


Mike Ghouse
Committed to a cohesive America

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