Pat Robertson’s nasty comment and Muslim Speaker’s response

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Mr. Robertson, more than the Muslims, Jesus would be disappointed in you severely. The role of religious leaders is to mitigate conflicts and nurture goodwill, and he called out “Blessed are the Peacemakers.” Leaders invoke civility in the society, so members of the society can live in peace and without apprehension and I urge you to be at least a peace maker, if not the blessed one.

I urge Muslims to follow the Prophet’s formula of mitigating conflicts and nurturing goodwill and not be offended with Mr. Robertson’s comments. Prophet was a mercy to mankind, and it is time for us to collectively follow him and be kind and gentler towards any one who is nasty towards us.

Mr. Roberston, what did you do this morning?

You pit Christian Americans against Muslim Americans? Do you cherish Americans living in tensions? Do you get paid for that, do the dumb and dumber ones donate more money to you? Shame on them to encourage you to be a rascal. If you need money badly to do good things, we can pitch in for you, but don’t invoke the baseness in fellow humans. Please don’t be an embarrassment to Christianity, the man who sacrificed his life should not be misrepresented. I pray for you to become a blessed peace maker and join me in created a safe and secure America for every one of us.

Mr. Robertson, Religion is not the problem!

None of us had a religion before, and each one of us was given guidance to live in peace and harmony with oneself and with others. A majority of the people got that message of religions right, and a few creeps did not, and it is our role to help every one restore peace. Is it not?

But when bad things happen, who do you blame, religion or the creeps?

Let me show you what happens.
When we blame the creeps, what happens? We will hunt them down wherever we can find them, and punish them according to the laws of the land and restore trust in the society, so no one can live in apprehension or tensions. What a relief it is to stop the bad guy!

If you blame the religion on the other hand, what happens? Nothing happens! It is the dumbest thing to blame the religion, is it not?

Religion is not a being, not a thing, not a body, for Christ’s sake, it is an intangible item. You cannot shoot, kick, beat, thrash, hang, kill or bury it. It does not do any good and no problem will be solved except aimless barking.
Problem remains, people will continue to remain apprehensive and fearful of each other. Let’s find solutions to these problems instead of barking at religion.
I have said this on Stuart Varney show, Hannity Show, and given many speeches on the topic and have written it umpteen times. It is down right stupid to blame religion. God willing, I will get on Fox and Friends or any show and start talking about it.

God willing a full article will be written on the topic.
“Today on “The 700 Club,” Pat Robertson said that countries like Belgium and France must respond with “violence” to the “infection” of Muslim immigrants, telling his co-host Terry Meeuwsen that these countries must fight Islam in the same way that a body fights a deadly disease.” Otherwise, “Europe is doomed. Doomed!” he said, before adding: “And we have a president here in America who refuses to name it, refuses to identify it and refuses to give us what’s needed to kill the infection.”

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