Pat Buchanan's fear :: End of White Christian America

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The phobias stem from the fact that religions have moved away from being spiritual to political entities, simply meaning each religious group is living in its own silos and in conflict with the other.

An article in the New York Times, “Patrick Buchanan’s Future at MSNBC Is Murky,” says, “Mr. Buchanan argues in his book, Suicide of a Superpower — which has the subtitle Will America Survive to 2025? — that the ‘European and Christian core of our country is shrinking,’ which is damaging the nation ‘ethnically, culturally, morally, politically.’ The book also contains a chapter titled, ‘The End of White America.'”

The xenophobia seems to be gripping a few of the white folks like Buchanan. If you recall South Africa, there was a similar phobia when the ruling whites had to relinquish power to the black majority, their expectation was that they may have to flee, but when the surrender actually happened, fears dissipated and the democracy in a black majority became a way of life guarding the safety and rights of every citizen.
There is phobia that the Mexican immigrants will change our way of life, and there is a fear that other religions will dilute the monopoly of white Christianity.

We have some choices to consider: We can choose to become a self reliant recluse nation, and we will not buy products or services from other nations or sell anything to them either, as there is no such thing as one way trade. It might shrink our economy and lower the comforts of our life as it would become expensive for a majority of us to afford most things produced in America.

We will do all our work ourselves without the help of immigrant workers be them Mexican, Indian, Chinese, Somalis or the others. We may as well close the doors of immigration; even most of the European white Christians are secular and want to keep God in the closet.

In the long haul, we cannot survive as a nation with a zero or a negative population growth, we need to get busy in producing children.

People come to America for its openness and freedom; we need to entrench and enrich them with our values, it will ensure continuance of our culture and our societal norms.
We need to work on integrating different parts of the society to act as a whole and to sustain the systems we love and cherish. Each one of us has to become a part of the system and not live in silos and blame others, or else the nation will fall apart.

Personally I grew up in homes with fancy orange, teal and other colors in India. Now, I have learned to love the modest colors of America. I was a home builder responsible for several subdivisions in Dallas Metroplex and I have learned the value of consistency and external appearances. I was also a president of the home owners association, where we set the rules in the neighborhoods to preserve the values of homes through managing external appearances. This is an example of integration to sustain our way of life despite the fact that I was blatantly turned down by employers for my accent.
The last, but resentful, choice is to go buy an Island to live on our own terms, and live as freely as we want.

To feel secure about continuance of our life styles and white Christianity and all others, we have to nurture the values and systems to ensure a comfortable living, instead of griping about it. Americans Together can build a cohesive America, where no one will live in apprehension, discomfort or fears of the other and sustain their way of life.

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