John King, tear Gingrich down.

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John King of CNN asked (it was asked) Newt, if he would like to share his thoughts on what his ex-wife Marianne Gingrich had to say.
Instead of answering the question, Newt attacks the press belligerently and gets away with it and John King backs down, damn his gutlessness and irresponsibility for not following it up with tougher questions. Newt was billing himself as a conservative candidate and in wake of the flip flops and seeking an open marriage, he would not qualify to be a conservative.
John King should have pursued it, the role of a Journalist is to get the candidates to speak and tell the truth to the Americans. In light of the swindled crowd who were applauding the man instead of demanding the truth, Gingrich fails to qualify as a conservative candidate.
John,  tear Mr. Gingrich down, its time you do. Had you torn Bush down, we would not have gone to war, we would not have had sunk our monies in the wars, we would not have lost jobs; we would not have been in the economic ruin we are now. Our Journalists failed miserably then, but now don’t let America go down with bullying men link Gingrich. Bullying is not conservatism.
He owes an apology to American women for discounting the testimony of another woman, he owes an apology to the African Americans for thinking that they don’t want to work, damn it, there is no work and you cannot call them to live on food stamps. Can we allow him these flip flops? We should allow him the chance to repent but not give him the chance to mess up America. 
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