Pakistani Muslim actress defies the right wingers.

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Ms. Veena Malik.

May Allah bless you and give you more strength.

Thanks for speaking up for so many women! Women have put up with this non-sense far too long. Whether they are Muslim, Christian, Hindu or others they continue to be oppressed. May Allah give you strenght to speak up for all those women who are pushed around.

Keep going, you have the guts and we admire you. Although the Maulana on debate with you was respectful and not condemning, he was merely looking out from his point of view and his culture (not all Pakistani, but his ilk) he is not on the extreme like the Talibans or the Saudis. I’m glad he listened to you. 

A few right wing Muslims may disagree with you, so what? They don’t support your family and you, you do. They are responsible for their actions and you are for yours. Thank you again for speaking boldly and standing up for many, many and many women who are routinely derided and made to shut up, of course that is not a Muslim thing at all, nor is that a Pakistani thing, a few men in all societies behave the same whether they wear pants shirt or kurta pajama, clean shaven or bearded, Americans or Arabs, Pakistanis or Indians, Lamas or cowboys, some men behave the same. 

Although all religions in general and Islam in Particular makes men and women to be fully participating and contributing members to the well being their family. No one was to take advantage of the other, that is the religious thing to do,  doing otherwise is the men thing they do.

Pakistani Actress Defies Mullah Accusing Her of Immoral Behavior on an Indian Reality TV Show –
Mike Ghouse

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