Our Salute To Martin Luther King, JR

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What a great man! Yes, one man can make a difference, and he did as his Mentor Gandhi paved the way. MLK removed guilt from most Americans who did not like how fellow humans, the African Americans, were treated. We still have men who do not benefit from treating and feeling equal; we have to rope them in for they know not.

It is so good to see the portrait of Mahatma Gandhi on his wall; the entire world adores and respects the principles of non-violence that Mahatma Gandhi taught. However, the Hindutva (a segment of terrorists among Hindus) are cursing Gandhi, shooting his effigy, and worshipping the man who killed him. The Modi admin has given the tacit approval to do that.

India was a beautiful country before Modi- a criminal under the guise of a leader. Now, India has become a violent country under his regime; he has got to be voted out in 2024 to restore harmony and cohesiveness in society.

For India to be a reliable, dependable ally of America, Biden has to speak out against the violation of human rights and religious freedom and the call to kill 2 million Muslims. Biden’s silence is dangerous. India is fractured, people are afraid, and it cannot be our ally. We have to uplift India from a country of particular concern to a nation that respects freedom.

On behalf of all the immigrants, particularly the Asians, Africans, and Latinos, I express my gratitude to him and Rosa Parks; we are here today because of those who caused the Civil Rights Act to be enacted.

MLK, we salute you on this day for making America great.

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