Oprah's Blunder – Indians eat with hands

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She has done a two part series on India, and one of the insensitive remarks she
made was that Indians still eat their food with hands. I hope she does a follow
up highlighting the cultural value of eating with fingers. She forget, we Americans eat most everything with hands, take a look;

Indeed, fingers are the original forks, and we love eating
with our fingers, finger licking is good when the hands are curry dipped.

By the way, this has nothing to do with being rich or poor,
educated or not, it is just our culture.

She has mistaken civilization to eating with forks. No, it
is not. Eating with fork is fine and works for certain foods but not most of
the Indian foods.

You cannot eat Masala Dosa with fork to fully enjoy it,
Dosa is the king of South Indian food.

You cannot eat Naan/Roti, the staple food of India, 

Naan is the king of North Indian food. 

She lost her bloody mind and did not realize that;

President Bill Clinton Eats Burger with his hands,

Nominee Mitt Romney eats Chicken with his hands,President  Barack Obama eats Chicken with his hands,
President George Bush eats Corn on the Cob with his hands,
Legendary John Wayne eats Ribs with his hands…

Oprah, who eats Pizza with fork?
Which is nerdy, eating with hands or fork?

You cannot eat chicken with fork and knife;
you got to pick it up with your
fingers and dig it in.

You cannot eat ribs with fork and knife,
you got to bite the
meat out of the bones.

That’s enough.

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