One Year of Modi Sarkar: Hate Speech Galore

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Thanks to Ram Punyani and Madhu Kishwar; 

Good summary of Modi Sarkar.  As an Indian committed to do my share of work in building a cohesive India, I am keeping up with thousands of Indians. It is embarrassing to see that nearly 31% of Indians exhibit intolerance towards a different point of view, a handful of them don’t even want to handle any criticism of Modi Sarkar. 

I look at the human body, the universe or a car and even an office or a family, and the best functioning ones are those who do well individually and collectively.  One major disconnect with any one of the organs will bring a collapse. 

Mr. Modi does not comprehend that his silence is what is encouraging the extremists among us to go wild creating chaos within the structure.  Ram Punyani has clearly listed them in the link below, so does Madhu Kishwar. 

Obama’s advice should be pinned on every wall of the parliament about social harmony as the basis for the strength of our nation.  Indeed, if we don’t see the other Indian as an Indian, an equal Indian, our prosperity is like a body with an unknown disease eating it away. 

I sincerely hope each one of us, asks ourselves – am I prejudiced towards a fellow Indian? Do I genuinely feel every Indian should have the same rights and opportunities? If I need to correct myself every day, I must until I find Mukti from that ugliness. 

When you see something is wrong, speak up, and for God’s sake don’t slap religion on it, a bad guy is a bad guy regardless of his religion. Every group has rapists, murderers, cheaters, abusers… 

Without criticism our country would have gone to dogs, it is the criticism that keeps the ruling parties in check, not completely but somewhat. I remember those newspapers editors, including Indian Express editor who went to jail protesting Indira Gandhi’s clamp out. 

Ram and Madhu, I have got to salute them, and salute you for standing up against what you perceive things “to be wrong”.  I will continue to present the good, bad and ugly of who we are. 

We have to keep at it, the larger population of the nation believes in live and let live, and that gives me hope. 

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