OMG, I cannot believe it was me

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I am sharing this note to encourage all the people who want to lose weight. I was 209# in 2015, and am down to 159 # in 2020. It was a steady decline. Some times #1 in two weeks, sometimes 2, I was not in a hurry to lose it all once. Set the target of 5 years, with #10 each year. I check my weight regularly and won’t let add another pound.

2015 – 209#

Without any question, it is eating less; when I finish my meal, I remain somewhat hungry. I have become a vegetarian on weekdays and eat chicken or goat meat on the weekends. No beef. I walk at least a mile a day, and when I go to the grocery store or visit an office, I park way out, so I can get some additional walking.

I was in India in 2017 and was determined to go down to 179 #, and thanks to my family for honoring my request and not feed me as we do in India. On the last day of my stay on 9/10/17, I hit 179, what a joy it was!

9.10.17 – 179#

Then, I wanted to get down to 162# by my birthday on 1/1/20, and made it to 159# – the new goal for my next birthday is 152# My waistline was 40 once, and now it is 34 and hope to get down to 32. Everything is possible if you set your mind to it. All my clothes are loose and I will wait to buy new suits, Sherwani, Jodhpuri Suit, and shirts when I hit 152# and remain set at that point.

I always reminded myself not to fall to the temptations to eat and told myself that I am going to stick to my commitment, and thank God, and he kept me on the track.

2019 – 159#


Likewise, I have kept accomplishing my goals at the Center for Pluralism, and this year, we are going to leap forward. Look at our accomplishments…/ and I thank several of my friends who have supported our programs and events in DFW and DMV areas. Pluralism is the panacea for the conflicts within family members, friends, communities and the nations.

1979 – 152#

This year has started off good for me – a lot of things that were pending are getting done. I hope to get a few grants this year to put the Center for Pluralism on the world Map. It is a well-established institution in the DC area. Finish off two books – Pluralism in America and Standing up for others by July 4th, and resume 20th Annual Thanksgiving Celebrations and 16th Annual Unity Day events and of course big celebrations of July 4th. I hope to officiate the 100th interfaith marriage by the end of this year.

Mike Ghouse

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