Obama's foreign policy talk to Indian Students.

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It was a joy to hear him out, he and I speak the same language, to be inclusive and not to push people to dig in their heels. Indeed, it is in India’s interest to have a safe, secure and stable Pakistan. A nation or individual’s peace hinges on the peace around him or it.  

I hope our kids will not be poisoned by some of us with hatred for others. It is no good.

If you threaten others, I will guarantee you, you are not going to sleep in peace, and both sides will live in apprehensions. These stinky attitudes were part of the humanoids when they were hunters and gatherers, we don’t need them. 

I hope Mr. Modi understands this along with those children, he has a chance to prove to be better than Nehru and he should strive for it. I hope and pray that he will demonstrate his abilities by pulling a peace agreement between the two nations. If we do that, our world would become bigger – we can seek the UN Security council seat.  


Bolo Barack Obama ki – Jai!

Mike Ghouse

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