NPR : Diane Rehm interviews David Cole, how the laws of the land evolve

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How the Laws of the Land evolve, worth reading

This is one of the most beneficial interviews for all those who are aspiring to understand how the laws are made or changed.   I see our role at the American Muslim Institution, in the near future, to be able to put out words as a seed, then water it, care for it, and nurture it.  Then propagate the idea and gather momentum.   In this interview Diane Rehm interviews David Cole about his new book, and he eloquently lays out the process it took for NRA and GLBT lobby… the formula for us would be similar.

He talks about how constitutional law evolves including right to bear arms interpretation.  It’s a guide book on activism that can bear fruit.

Trump’s interview with Chris Matthew raised another question – “if” you have anti-abortion laws, what good it is if there is no consequence.  Of course he walked back and created a new narrative, that of punishing the Doctors and facilities who perform abortion.

I hope to read this book, or if you purchase it, we all can take turns and read.  There is much for us in this.

MARCH 29, 2016 David Cole: “Engines Of Liberty: The Power Of Citizen Activists To Make Constitutional Law” on Diane Rehm Show

In his new book, legal scholar David Cole says citizen activists are the true drivers of constitutional change.

Personally, I have been working on establishing the narrative to place the blame on individuals and not religion. You hear or read that theme frequently.

Attached is the mp3.
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