My first Yom Kippur Service

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 Washington, D.C., Lincoln Memorial.September 22, 2015

Although I have been involved with Jews and Judaism for a long time, been to Synagogues, commemorated Holocaust and Genocides day for the last 16 years, and done most things, this was my first Yom Kippur attendance.

As usual, I felt at home with the group, and I did not know the songs. Still, the idea is the same whether it is Muslims singing Milaad, Hindus singing Bhajans, Sikhs singing Shabad, or Christians doing Carols… the spirit is the same, you feel at peace, connected with the self and some time sanctimonious.

The Rabbi from Philadelphia floored me, and this would have been my sermon – conversation revolving around building cohesive societies, justice, and accountability. I fully connected with his sermon; he will share it soon, then you can see our expressions are so similar.

He praised Pope and indeed said similar things I have spoken and written about Pope Francis.

I am writing for the 1000th time, Judaism and Islam are mirror images of each other. Sadly, like all other religions, these two are no exceptions in having people claim to follow the faith, but they do not. If every follower of every religion follows their religion, there will not be any problem.

I have taken a picture of the card I filled in the photos, as everyone asked to serve.
Good experience, thanks to my friend Ilan Leibowitz for inviting me.

The article about Yom Kippur is similar to the talks I have heard today.

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