Muharram 2011, Imam Hussain and Muslims

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The overall theme of the article is the effect of Imam Hussain in Islamic history. There is a variation and I chose not to label it with either denomination, but I have acknowledged it.  No Muslim wants Imam Hussain to be monopolized by any one, he belongs to the entire Muslim community as well as the world, he symbolizes the man who would stand up for righteousness risking his own life. That is the moral strength of the Imam Hussain (RA). 

Let us learn to see the issue as a larger family issue.

As a Muslim, I am consciously writing, speaking and even thinking like the Muslims who founded the religion.  Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and the Caliphs Abu Bakr, Usman, Umar and Ali only knew Muslims, and nothing but Muslim.

We are all one large family with differences and we need to start speaking like a family and not label the differences. What has happened for Fourteen centuries don’t have to be repeated?

If Allah were to line us up on the Day of Judgment, he will smile if someone says he is a  ______ Muslim. God will ask, what Muslim? Then God would look at the Prophet for an answer, and the Prophet probably would say, don’t ask me! That’s new to me as well.  

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