Gingrich next exit, Romney has to contend with Paul

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The only candidate that is holding on to the principles of GOP is Ron Paul. He said “the loyalty to my country comes first and the party next” I wrote the same phrase in 2007 and again in 2008 asking the Republicans to put America first.

Now Gingrich will be made to acknowledge things that he did not volunteer, he was not faithful to his wife nor will he pass the standards he “talks” about as a hypocrite, and he will fail the integrity. My article will be out next week. As of now, if all things go well it would be between Romney and Paul unless someone surprises.

Cain should have gone gracefully; he would have earned the respect of the country, but he blew it, under the fake garb of conservatism he ran but ran out of steam.  Palin, no way!  It is time for the GOP to save some more embarrassment or let the process purge itself.   Where is Perry? I am glad at least I remembered him; he is the Governor of my State.

Mike Ghouse
A Moderate, but not a silent Republican

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