Michelle Bachman’s ugly and John McCain heroic moment

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I have not taken a political stand on the basis
of party lines, nor do I intend to.  But I do take a stand against
individuals who are messing up our nation.  

Congresswoman Michelle Bachman has proven herself to make the statements that
have no basis in truth. There have been a number of interviews with her staff
members and advisors, during the presidential run; she routinely embarrassed
her staff with her thoughtless remarks.  I would not be surprised if her constituency
dumps her in the next election bid out of embarrassment.

She shoots her mouth off again
and says that the Muslim brotherhood is infiltrating into the white house. Decent
folks and others have asked her to provide evidence, and she comes with up flimsy
gossip material from Frank Gaffney, who is a successful businessman in convincing
nincompoops like Bachman.  She comes up with
names like Keith Ellison and Huma Abideen as the brotherhood link. Baloney!
Edward Rollins, her former chief of staff had to say this today, “I have
to say that Congresswoman Michele Bachman’s outrageous and false charges
against a top aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin reaches
that threshold.
ABC  News reports “Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz.,
took to the Senate floor today to rip apart his fellow Republicans’ accusations
and came to the defense of Abedin, whom he calls  a “fine and decent American,” after
observing her work as both a long-time aide to Clinton while she was a Senator
and as the Secretary of State.”  He powered
it up further, “no one, “not least a member of Congress,” should launch such a
“degrading attack against fellow Americans on the basis of nothing more than
fear of who they are an ignorance of that hey stand for.”
I admire Senator McCain for
having the courage to speak up, though I disagree with his hawkish foreign
policy.  He took a stand for what is
right, and against what was wrong.   We need more men and women like him in the
Senate and the Congress. Congressman Keith Ellison must be admired as well for
relentlessly pursuing to purge this nonsense by demanding facts, and not putting
up with her non-sense.

The heroic McCain Moment
It takes one good man to change the course of
history, and one bad one to worsen it, we have seen it.

The McCain Moment was one of the finest moments in history of the world. He must
have listened to Martin Niemoller’s poem during Holocaust.  When he spoke up, there was a chance that he
would be barked at and bulldozed by the opportunists among Republicans; he
dared them, because he was righteous.   He broke away from the communitarianist
Republicans among us, and expressed his individualism boldly, thank God; the
sheep jumped right behind him. Thanks to  Ed Rollins, John Boehner and other among a few
 for giving strength to his voice. It
could have gone the other way as well and weaken him, if it was not McCain.

Michelle Bachman’s ugly moment
She had miserably failed in her bid for
Presidency with her senseless rhetoric. She had difficulty even getting 50
people to attend her talk once or twice, it was pathetic to watch.   She may
have been brainwashed to believe that by barking at Muslims, she can gain some
additional advantage from the non-existent (substantial) supporters.  She probably was desperate to be on the
national scene and thought, she had an opportunity to be nominated to the vice
president or some such thing, should that have happened, she would have sunk
the Republican Party for a long time to come and screwed Americans from having
checks and balances without a strong opposition in the house and the senate.

As a disclosure, I am a Republican, a moderate one; a majority of us feel pity
for the radical ones in our party but do not speak up, most of us do not have the
balls to speak up against loose mouths, however we do it at the ballot.   We
dumped them all; Michelle Bachman, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, Herman Cain
and a handful others who have made uncouth, unsubstantiated statements about
fellow Americans without consequences.  They still don’t get it that radicalism does not
pay, and I pray that they do.

Our party has let the radicals take over our GOP, and I am
afraid, we will pay a price by losing the majority in the house. We have to
speak out firmly and furiously against the likes of Bachman and other radical
republicans amongst us.

I hope our party leaders wake up now, and rescue the party by
purging the gratuitous allegations and gossip from the party.

These men and women have no shame in denigrating Muslims. 
Let these guys say similar things to Jews and the African Americans; they will be
hounded and chased down like wild pigs. Shamelessly, they feel that they have a
free ride on Muslims, Mexicans, Gays and Lesbians.  That is not only unpatriotic, but downright
immoral to treat a fellow Americans in that fashion.

They are an embarrassment to our civil society. In fact, they
are not tearing Muslims, they are tearing America apart; shame on them.

No group of Americans need to be targeted, we should always nail
the bad guys and not their affiliations, consider the following scenario;
If Joe Blow rapes a woman in your
neighborhood, should the police arrest Joe, or should they arrest and harass
his parents, siblings, kids, spouse, and his friends?

If Joe committed the crime, it
his tushie that needs to be hauled off, and by arresting him, it bring calmness
to the neighborhood, knowing that the rapist is locked up. People would feel
safe again and a sense of justice would be restored in the community.

On the other hand, imagine
harassing the entire neighborhood, blaming the Mayor and the pastor or even the
Bible for this criminal, we will never resolve an issue if we dance around it.
Do you remember how quickly the
opportunists cashed in on Osama Bin Laden?

Had we nailed the criminal Osama bin
Laden in the first place, and not others, we would not have caused budget
deficits, and millions of Americans would not have lost their jobs and their
homes. The war mongers should never be listened to, they make their good, but
the common man gets screwed. The results are in our face.

What did we do instead?  We destroyed nations instead of him; we
blamed their religion and their book, how dumb! Did the Billion plus Muslims
vote Bin Laden to do the evil? We recklessly sacrificed 5000 of our own men and
women in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; and have destroyed other nations and
innocent people and shamelessly called it a collateral damage.

 As a nation, we need to
stand up against this non-sense. “Evil persists if the good people do nothing
about it.”  Thank God for Senator McCain
and Congressman Ellison and I pray more will join the righteous ones.

Here is an example of standing up for everyone in the progress. http://standingupforothers.blogspot.com/

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