Jasmina Ghouse graduates from UTD

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Mina to bold new frontiers… star trek theme cake

Jasmina Dilshad Ghouse was conferred a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from
the University of Texas at Dallas – May 19, 2012.
This is a momentous moment of
my life, early in the morning, I cried while texting her… cannot fathom that
this is my little girl… that little voice “dada” still echoes in my ears…… and
it is one of the most beautiful sounds….
I am going to upload a few pictures from her childhood as well – a little
later. She preferred a barbeque at her brother’s house, where her mom, I, Jeff,
Fern, Yasmeen, her friends Abby and Bryan joined us. Baby, this is one of the
happiest days of my life.
I thank Darwin’s God, our God, your mother, brother, and sister in law for
being there for you. I remember my father and mother… and can imagine how proud
they would have been of you….
You are the 2nd female graduate in both sides of your family, and when you
complete your masters program, you will be the first female in the both sides of
your family, and I currently hold that title for the male members, your brother
beat me to the doctorate degree.
I will update this evening.. She is leaving to India, and I am trying the
squeeze the time write and get her the pictures..

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