Is Imran Khan of Pakistan a misfit to govern?

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Freedom to Practice Religion, Is Imran Khan a misfit or the least fit?

is the good news from the Pew worldwide survey released yesterday, 96%
of Pakistanis prefer freedom of religion, and they have no problem with
what others practice.

This is one of the most valuable facts of
the world wide Pew survey released on April 30, 2013. Muslims are sick
of living under monarchies, dictators and under the thumbs of Mullahs
and Fatwa bombs, but when they have the freedom they do the right thing:
to be fair and just, a basic human trait.

More than 80 percent
of the Muslim respondents prefer freedom of faith across the world. The
dissonance is particularly strong in Pakistan and Bangladesh, where
democracy is yet to realize its fruits, while one nation is laden with
senseless, imperialistic, unjust Hudood laws, which the dictator of
Pakistan, Zia ul-Haq, imposed and carried through with no one having the
guts to repeal. But Pakistanis and Bangladeshis have spoken strongly
against it with 96 percent and 97 percent of them supporting freedom to
practice religion. It shows their disgust for the current practices
which are not their choosing.

Imran Khan seems to be the least bad candidate among the runners,  is he gutless?

take the nation forward and represent the genuine feelings of the
people. IK seems to be disconnected with the public.  He is still afraid
of taking a stand worrying what the Mullah’s will do? The video tape
expresses appeasement.

Imran said he follows Prophet Muhammad,
since he said that, he needs to demonstrate it. When Prophet agreed to
sign the peace treaty with Meccans, most of the Suhabas were not happy
with the terms – he dared them and took the risk to go forward. They
were not even willing to change his title to the signature from Muhammad
ur Rasool Allah to Muhammad bin Abdullah, he dared them, because he
respected the otherness of others.

If you have seen the movie
Lincoln, he struggles with having continued support by not pushing for
abolishment of slavery, or doing away with slavery and risk losing the
presidency, he makes the right choice, the moral choice; standing up for
what is right.

Lincoln, President Obama took one of the biggest risks in politics by standing
up for the rights of Lesbian and Gay community. The majority of the African
community and the Christians were against that stance, including the Muslims
and Hispanic members of the community. What did Obama do? He dared them all. He
probably said to himself, hell with the Presidency, but do the right thing.
Standing up for women’s right was the right thing, standing up for the civil
rights of African American minority was the right thing and now standing up for
the rights of LGBT community was the right thing to do.  What happened? Instead of losing the
election, that the Republicans thought would happen, people turned around and
voted for him in droves.

 Aren’t Pakistani Muslims going to be
happy, if Obama clamps on any harassment of Pakistani Americans? We all want
someone to stand up for us? Despite the disagreement on same sex marriage, 85%
of Muslims voted for him, and 93% of African Americans voted for him.

The Pakistani public is inherently good, like all peoples, and they want
justice and fairness to Ahmadiyya, Shia, Hindu and other communities – it is sickening to them, and
it is eating their psyche alive without realization. If you are unjust to people, you
lose out. I am a damned Muslim and to be a Muslim is to speak out against
injustice, shame on me, if I did not and shame on you, if you don’t.

 If Imran Khan can do what the Prophet did,
what Lincoln and Obama did, he will uplift Pakistani from a major burden on
people’s psyche, just as Martin Luther King did.  His pandering to the extremists need to stop.
He needs to say, hell with elections, let me do the right thing.

It is easy to appease every one and do the chamchagiri, but
difficult to speak up when you are gripped with the fear of getting
chewed out.

Now turning to you, the Pakistani Americans, how many
of you would accept a 2nd class citizen’s role in America? How many of
you would remain silent if your rights are stripped?  How many of you
would stand up for fellow Pakistanis whose right to vote is stripped?

expected Imran Khan to be the man of integrity. Is he not begging
people to believe him that he is not going to stand up for Ahmadiyya
Muslims? They cannot vote in Pakistan.


he wants to be Romney and not represent the Ahmadiyya Muslims.  Shame
on him. He is indeed a doogla insaan who is depriving the rights of
fellow Pakistanis. Aaj wo, kal tum hoge.
And he says, “”I have never
asked Qadianis to vote for me. PTI endorses the status of Qadianis as
non-Muslims in the Constitution of Pakistan. PTI shall not change or
amend this status in the Constitution.” – Imran Khan”

What is he afraid of? 96% of Pakistanis prefer freedom of faith, who is he representing?

percent of Americans and 80 percent of the Republicans in our
successful democracy want background checks on purchase of guns, but
what do the Senators and Congressmen do? Go against the will of the
people like those damned dictators and Mullahs. Their days are numbered.
Who wants these men and women?

Isn’t Imran Khan going against
the will of the people for fear from a handful of Mullahs?  Are you
accepting him because he is the least worst among the pack?

There goes Tahreek-e-Insaaf, it sounds more like Tareeki-e-Insaaf.

needs to show he is a man of principles. A majority of the Pakistanis
will stand up with him if he uplifts Ahmadiyya Muslims from 2nd class
Citizens to equal citizens. He just has to follow the example of
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