Hijab – Violation of Religious Freedom in India 

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Hijab – Violation of Religious Freedom in India 
Mike Ghouse Spoke at International Religious Round Table 
February 15, 2022, at 11:30 AM EST. 

I am Mike Ghouse with the Center for Pluralism, we are committed to building cohesive societies, and we stand up for people’s religious freedom across the world. 

My presentation is about the gross violation of individual liberties and religious freedoms in India, and the violators were not questioned or remanded. The rule of law is waning in India. 

A few weeks ago, a college administrator in the City of Mandya barred a Muslim student from entering college to submit her papers. They shut the door on her because she was wearing a Hijab. 

Hijab is a part of Indian culture where women cover their hair with the end of their saree or wear a dupatta (scarf). There is no Hindu, Sikh, or Muslim wedding where the woman does not wear pallu (part of the saree) over her head. Singling out Muslim women is prejudiced as the Hijab is not exclusive to Muslims in India.  

Later on, several Muslim girls were prevented from entering the college campuses; the gates were closed – they were all wearing Hijab. This hateful act spread like wildfire, and throughout Karnataka State, the BJP extremists were preventing the girl students from going to school.  

 India is a signatory to the Human rights convention, and the Modi administration is not doing a thing about it. It is a gross violation of the right to education and religious freedom. 

Everyone should have the liberty to eat, drink, wear and believe whatever the hell they want in the pursuit of their happiness. 

A few days before this happened, a camera caught a man (BJP?) talking to the Hindu students and providing them with saffron towels/shawls to wear because the girls were wearing the Hijab. It was all orchestrated by Modi’s men to harass the Muslims and Christians and reduce them to 2nd class citizens. 

They planned to get rid of the girls from the school; these are their words. 

Back to the student who walked back from the school, the Modis party guys harassed her, screaming at her as though they would attack her. The brave girl stood her ground and yelled back at them. 

Thanks to a few guys who surrounded her.  

If anyone wants to see the videos of scheming and harassing, please share your email address on the chat, I will send it to you.

There is no consequence to the guys; they got away with it. The BJP party runs the Karnataka State government. 

 Now the case is in the High Court of the State of Karnataka in India, and debating the issue. It gives me hope. If it goes to the supreme court, Modi has a massive influence over the judges. Some of the judges do what Modi tells them to do. 

Indian courts are the last hope to uphold the constitution. 

I wish the Biden government called India “the Country of Particular concern” for violating a significant population’s religious freedom and liberty. Biden can favor India by pulling our ally out of the ditches into the civilized world.

 All Biden has to tell Modi is, “Look, Mr. Modi, India is our ally before you came into the picture, and we will continue to be allies. However, you need to correct the course and observe the religious freedoms of the People of India and their human rights. Mr. Modi, you need to allow our commissioners from USCIRF to visit India and give us a report. I am embarrassed; our commissioners are not allowed in India, our ally. India is becoming a fractured nation, and we doubt India will be a reliable ally. You need to correct the course. 

Mike Ghouse is president of the Center for Pluralism and is committed to building cohesive societies and standing up for the religious freedom and human rights of people across the globe. More about him at https://theghousediary.com/ 

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