Happy Independence day to Indians and Pakistanis

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It is a Patriotic August for Indians and Pakistanis I wish a very Happy Independence Day to the people of Pakistan and India, celebrating their independence on August 14th and 15th, respectively. This essay calls on you to reflect on your relationship with each other.

Should patriotism fill our hearts with hate for the other and call them enemy, or should it mean to be persistent in creating peace for ourselves and peace for the other? Wouldn’t that be greater patriotism? Politicians thrive in draining sewer in our hearts, should we let them? Are we willing to be brainwashed by the politicians? Patriotic August – One of the things I cherished most was our August program. Every morning from August 1st through 15th, we had a unique program on the Subcontinent. We talked about different cities, cultures, cuisines, history of the entire Subcontinent. On August 14th, we played all the Pakistani National songs for two hours straight, and on the 15th, we played all the Indian National songs. https://theghousediary.com/reflections-on-india-and-pakistans-independence-day/

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