Afghanistan and Nuremberg Trails

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Do you feel a sense of guilt for destroying Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Libya in our name? We have further created animosity between Saudi Arabia and Iran; what is our gain?

All the above nations did have problems but were minuscule compared to what we have done. Saddam could not have killed a fraction of what we did in the name of freedom.

Flag of Afghanistan waving in the wind against the white cloudy blue sky.

None of them attacked us, and we killed our soldiers for no good cause; we made so many widows and we killed nearly a million innocent people and put over half a million women on the streets. We created a refugee problem as well as destroyed the heritage sites.

We, the people, are guilty for not speaking out, and it is time we start protesting. We need to set up mechanisms like Nuremberg Trails, identify the guys who shaped the destructive Middle East policy and punish them appropriately, including those who executed those rotten policies based on falsehood. We are responsible people and need to shape the future of the world based on justice.

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