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July 15, 2013. 6-7 pm (CT). I’ll be speaking for free speech, particularly the British ban on Islamophobe Pamela Geller. The Quran says don’t let your bias make you unjust towards the person, and the prophet says, the only way to combat evil is to do good.

Even though Pamela Geller has an active campaign going against me, I’ll stand up for her right to free speech, indeed, I took the same stand two weeks ago on Hannity show at Fox News with her. 

We will never go wrong standing up for free speech. Free speech has just one rule – free speech for all. If you introduce exceptons like who is allowed and who is not, then you are subjecting it to human flaws and the discretion causing chaos and injustice.
She can spew whatever hate she wants; Muslims have the option to counter it by holding a similar rally right after her speech. Hold placards asking people to respectfully hear another point of view. Have a debate with her with a good moderator, who sets the rules of engagement, one item and one issue at time – and not allow any one to jump from branch to branch like monkeys. I will be happy to do that fairly and evenly without being unjust to her or her opponent; being Just is a bigger value in Islam than bulldozing others when you have the reins in your hands.

Instead of protests and denying her the opportunity, engage her in a dialogue; do the public a service by presenting your point of view. Nothing beats free speech. 

Muslims are not a part of the society, we need to be involved deeply, it is our country, and we need to be a part of every aspect of the society for people to stand up for us out of friendship rather than a short-term sense of justice. 

All we need to do is to start becoming Muslims and start over again – with the first foundational Sunnah practice of the prophet; to be the Amin – to be truthful, just and earn the respect from Christians, Jews, Hindus, Pagans, Wicca, Native Americans, Sikh, Shinto… how many of us can list a few friends from each category? If not, why not?  Why should anyone stand up for us, if we are not willing to do the same for others?  Fellow Americans and fellow humans should feel safe with us and not scared.
I will submit a proposal, the burden will fall on Imams to shoo away Muslims from Mosques and get them out to be the Amin’s first, instead of pulling them to mosques.  First thing first. Then you see the least resistant to build a mosque in Murfreesboro, Ground Zero or any place. We will even be welcomed to be part of the July 4th parade or veterans day or New Years parade. When I visited the opening of MLK Statute in Washington DC – where were Muslims? In Dallas, where were Muslims on the opening of the Hunt bridge – 40,000 people attended the event, and I was scanning for Muslims – just two made it including me, what a shame! 

Full interview on MP3 will be posted.

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Mike Ghouse

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