Frustrations with Obama

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We the Republicans for Obama,  are pissed off at our President Obama for not bragging on his record of turning around a free falling economy, delivering stability, standing up for the average American.. continued at:

I was in a luncheon in Louisville today, and it was
good to hear so many republicans voting for Obama.

Most of us Republicans are pissed off at President Obama for not bragging on his record of turning around a free falling economy, delivering stability for America, protecting women’s rights, recognition
of every American on an equal footing and securing America’s health, diplomacy
that is producing results, and restoring respect for America in the community
of nations by treating them on an equal basis instead of pursuing a bullying
foreign policy that will build resentment towards us, and endanger our freedom.

Axelrod and company need to bombard the ads with simple suggestions of
stability v chaos, certainty v uncertainty… Obama has an edge; he just needs
to express it… I have presented a ton of ammunition… It’s all at Huffington
post, Dallas morning news, smirking chimp, even Hannity and of course at where you can
plug Obama in the search box and get everything you need to brag about Obama.

I’m glad a few more fellow Republicans have joined
me in re-electing Obama. Given what the flip flop, chaotic, pandering Romney
will do to America; Obama will keep it stable, and bring health security to the
nation. And that is what we need now instead of getting screwed on day 1 of

As a patriotic American, its America first to me, I
cannot let America be compromised over party’s interest. If America is there
our party will be there and not vice versa.

Mike Ghouse

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