A Teachers five star movie – here comes the boom.

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If you place your teacher on a high pedestal, this
movie is for you. It’s about the lengths teachers go to see their students excel.
My middle school teacher Mr. Abdul Hakeem always remains one of my heroes, he
took upon my town on his own to see his pupils do well in schools, he went door
to door and met with parents and inspired them to send their kids to school instead
of putting them to work. That was in the mid fifties in India.

The school decides to discontinue the Music
class as they cannot afford, the teacher is hurt and the Biology teacher understands
the dilemma and goes after raising funds for the Music program to continue. He
sees a window in making money in boxing and gets sheer beating… but the
students and the other teacher inspire him to win the fight and bring $50,000
to the school to continue the program.

This is the first movie of Selma Hayek I have
seen, she was good and Kevin James did an outstanding job as the teacher. Of course,
it was a delight to see Henry Winkler of Happy days from the 80’s played the
Music teacher.

I had at least three tender moments in the film. I wish I had the time to write
about this outstanding film. If you have the time, take your children or nieces
or nephews with you to see this movie. It is refreshing.

There are few movies that are made exclusively on sports and all were made
well, the one that comes to my mind is Tom Cruise’s Money,  Amir Khan’s Lagaan and this one. This is a
good movie, please make the time to see it, and feel the good emotions inside
of you come alive.


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