Farhan Khera Resigns

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Misogyny is a part of all societies, and most certainly, the Muslim communities. Some of these men messed up translations of the Quran and created Sharia laws to keep the women under their thumb. They messed up Hadiths as well as the Seerah. All of this goes entirely against Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) teachings. He was the first man to liberate women.

Men and women are equally responsible for their deeds on the day of judgment. No man or woman is more privileged than the other, except for Piety—those who care for others and believe in the equality of all humans.

Farhana put Muslim Advocates on the map of civil rights organizations, and she has won many cases for Muslims. She made a mistake to appoint men who were misogynists on her board, who are now asking her to resign. A lesson learned to check out men in selecting to the boards. These men have no place in public organizations. They need to be checked out if they have misogynistic traces, prejudiced against fellow Muslims of different denominations and the LGBTQ community, and even African Americans. These men have no place in public organizations.

Fifteen years ago, a Muslima was recognized for her contribution to society by the Dallas Peace Center, of which I was a board member. She was called on the stage to receive the award and speak. The Muslim men sitting at her table walked out on her as they did not believe a Muslim woman to be on the stage. They heard from me, and I gave them my piece of mind. There was no one on her table; every non-Muslim noticed it. I left my table and joined her.


Mike Ghouse

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