Evil Man Abu Bakr Baghadadi Dead – Thank God

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Evil Man Abu Bakr Baghdadi is dead – thank God
The U.S. officials believe that his elimination is equivalent to decimating the extremist group. I think it takes a lot more than that, and it is time we take the right steps, the non-violent peaceful method of debunking their fantasies. 

 I have discussed putting a significant dent in their recruitment effort. To begin with, a 10 minutes video clip challenging potential Baghdadi sympathizers to prove from the Quran all the bullshit Baghdadi (and Bin Laden) had spewed on them. There is nothing like it in the Quran. However, we also need to challenge Muslims to consider fixing the secondary books, the source for extremist ideas. 

Of the several videos and articles, I was able to recall these two for your perusal.


Ghouse on Fox News about Baghdadi

Ghouse Bin Laden’s death

President Obama, Go ahead and degrade and destroy ISIS

Muslims to Dedicate Friday sermons for Christians, Yazidis, Shia, and others

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