Enjoying Poetry – Kadar Khan Explains Ghalib

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In the following video, Kader Khan explains Ghalib’s poetry. It was a joy to listen to him, that is, if you have an interest in it. It took me back to my Radio days, among the programs were Wisdom of Religions, Ghouse talk show, Festivals of the World, and others. But on Sundays, I did an hour show called Golden Oldies and Golden Melodies.

In that hour, I played about ten selected songs in the hour but explained the meaning and context of each song – in English, which everyone understood, particularly our youth, the South Indians, Gujaratis, and Bengalis. Most of them enjoyed the songs but had no idea what it meant? Listening to the narration gave them a connection.  Now and then, I get the temptation to do the program in Washington, DC. If someone wants to sponsor an hour, I will be happy to do it.

I hope you have lived your life in full, maybe at least 90%. As I reflect on my life, it brings joy to me in a lot of ways. I have been a trailblazer, and everything I have done in my life was not done before. Thanks to Steve Jobs and my mother for inspiring me to pursue my passion – pluralism! Pluralism is “Respecting the otherness of the other.” My most significant contribution to the world is Pluralism – that is, respecting the otherness of the other. Check out www.CenterforPluralism.com

My wants are a few and have accomplished most of them. Of course, I have failures, too, but in general, I am happier and was influenced by Buddha in my early years.

If you want to understand some of the most beautiful poetry in the world and if you have the patience, 1:38 hours is worth it. Remember, he is not an entertainer but a teacher.

Thank you.

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