Earth Day – Don't Mess with Mother Earth

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We are sons and daughters of this planet,  like the mother who takes care of us, the
earth offers us, what it takes for us to live – Air, Water and food.  
We are merely a
strand in the scheme of things, as the Native American Chief Seattle puts it, “Chief Seattle, a Native American said this perfectly, “All things are
connected. Whatever befalls the earth befalls the sons of the earth. Man did
not weave the web of life; he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the
webs, he does it to himself.”
None of us can live by ourselves; we are all interconnected
and interdependent. Our balance and survival depends on how well we take the responsibility
to maintain it.   
On this Earth Day, I
am pleased to share a few thoughts in the most simplistic language and ask you
to become a contributor towards the well being of our mother.
Our caviler attitudes
towards our environment amounts to messing up that delicate balance, the balance that keeps the seasons intact, the weather predictable, the right amount of energy from the Sun, the plants to produce oxygen,  the nights to refresh, the variety of nutrients to keep us healthy, the pure drinking water… if we mess that intricate balance, we screw ourselves out of life in the long haul.  

We understood the air
pollution caused by carbon emissions from automobiles, factory stacks and other pollutants. Finally we came out of denial and are making serious efforts to reduce the pollution and restore the clean air.

To understand air pollution
visit any fast growing city anywhere in the World, and I visited Bangalore, my Mother town,  where  each successive hour on the road, we blew the black stuff out of our noses, it was not a pleasant experience. What if it shortens the life span? I guess we can live with that,
but what if it makes us eternally bedridden? Contrast that with New Delhi,
where no gasoline run automobile is allowed within the City limits.  

Los Angeles and Houston were like that; we are leaning the
importance of clean air and gaining some control, each one of us is a
contributor towards the slow destruction or preservation of our mother. The
smallest thing you can do is check your car emissions to see who you are.

We understood the
pollution of underground and potable water, and we are making efforts to keep
that water pristine, indeed most of the deaths in Asia and Africa are caused by
water borne diseases. Watch out what you throw on the street; be good to the hands
that feed you, the mother earth.

Imagine your home with heaps of garbage in it and the effect it will have on
your health. The food, water, and air that give us life is a gift delivered
through our mother. It is our responsibility and duty to take care of her.

With the climate change, global warming and improper disposal of trash we are
hurting ourselves. Right now the garbage is dumped onto ocean through streams
and drainage, the floating garbage is as big as Texas in the middle of the
Atlantic Ocean. There were 40 oil spills since the BP disaster and the Marine
institute of Virginia claims 400 dead zones in coastal waters across the world.

We have to get a hold
on this. Those who deny global warming and pollution must be given a tour of
these places to learn firsthand and quit denying these.
What can you do? Just
be conscious of what you throw and where you throw, throwing on the street
amounts to throwing it in our own living room.
May we be guided to
protect our own earth for our own good. Amen!

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