Deoband Chief's love for Modi fails to get Muslim approval

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We must be proud of our community to have diverse views on the subject of Narendra Modi; it is democracy flowing in our veins. Indeed,   it is the healthiest thing do in working towards building cohesive and sustainable societies.

We may want to see facts on the ground, massacre and the merciless treatment of fellow Indians who were Muslims, what they are reduced to and what is the hope for them?

Any concession to Modi amounts strengthening his tyranny and legitimizing his crimes. Those of us living outside Gujarat have to remember that they have to live and work amidst hostility, what are their choices? As Muslims should we dig in our heels and cause the Modies to dig in too?
Do we want the status quo to continue or change? How do we improve? Those who have lost their loved ones have a very difficult position than those of us who are remotely affected.
This is one of the most difficult of all issues and we have to work on mitigating the conflicts and nurturing goodwill.  We need to value the statement of Dr. Zafrul Islam instead of jumping on him.
We cannot afford to remain confrontational; we need to continue to debate the statements without negating any opinion. Insha Allah, we will find a consensus through debates.

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Wednesday January 19, 2011 05:15:48 PM, Staff Reporters
Malegaon: Rubbish, uncalled for, misleading and far from reality is what Muslim scholars and elites have termed Maulana Ghulam Mohammad Vastanvi’s statement praising Narendra Modi and the present situation in Gujarat.
Maulana Vastanvi’s reported statement about Narendra Modi and the present situation for minorities in Gujarat appeared in the media today few days after he won the elections and became the Vice Chancellor of renowned Islamic Seminary Darul Deoband.
“Narendra Modi’s hands are stained with the blood of hundreds of Muslims. Moreover, he never showed any remorse for his failure as Chief Minister during the Gujarat riots. Maulana Vastanvi’s comments that appeared in today’s newspaper are far from reality and lack credibility”, Maulana Syed Mohammad Wali Rehmani said while speaking to on phone from Patna.
Maulana Syed Mohammad Wali Rehmani, head of Khankahe Rehmania, Munger and Vice President of All India Majlise Mushawerat was reacting to the Maulana Vastanvi’s statement praising Chief Minister of Gujarat Narendra Modi that appeared in a leading Indian English daily today morning.
In the statement that the daily termed as ‘the most significant endorsement of Modi’, Maulana Vastanvi has said all communities are prospering in Narendra Modi’s Gujarat, and there is no discrimination against the minorities in the state as far as development is concerned.
Advising Maulana Vastanvi to clarify his stand, Maulana Rehmani said, “At the time when evidences after evidences are coming out to prove the involvement of Hindu right wing organizations in terrorism, one should think twice before opening the mouth”.
Deoband alumnus and Director of Markazul Maarif, Mumbai Maulana Burhanuddin Qasmi while denouncing Maulana Vastanvi’s statement said, “What Maulana Vastanvi has reportedly said about Narendra Modi and the present situation in Gujarat is absolutely rubbish and far from reality.”
Stating that Maulana Vastanvi should have avoided giving such statement as the VC of Darul Uloom Deoband, he said, “He is from Gujarat and might be needing ‘support from the government’ to run his institutions in the state. He is free to do that in his personal capacity. But as the VC of Darul Uloom, his responsibilities are much more. He should refrain from issuing such absurd statements.”
Gen Secretary of All India Milli Council, Mumbai Maulana Mehmood Daryabadi while expressing shock over the statement said, “Darul Uloom Deoband is an Islamic and religious seminary and it has never involved itself in politics. Maulana Vastanvi’s statements are uncalled for and by issuing such statement, he has degraded his post.”
Questioning the motive behind Maulana Vastanvi’s statement National Integration Council NC) member Naved Hamid said, “Of late, every businessman and those who have ‘resources’ and ‘money’ are coming out in support of Narendra Modi. They are doing so perhaps to safeguard their interests.”
“If Narendra Modi is providing equal opportunities to every one”, he asked, “Why he is not interested in minority development schemes for minorities in Gujarat? Why instead of pushing the justice to those who suffered during the riots and killed in dubious encounters, his government is taking all efforts to bail out the culprits?”
Meanwhile,’s repeated attempts to contact Maulana Ghulam Vastanvi failed. However, he found a supporter in Editor of New Delhi based The Milli Gazette Dr. Zafarul Islam Khan.
“One may disagree with what Maulana Vastanvi said about Narendra Modi and Gujarat. But I think the situation has improved for the minorities in Gujarat and Maulana Vastanvi’s observation is appropriate and good for the community in the present scenario”, he said while speaking to on phone from New Delhi.

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