Criticism Of Islam – Not The Islam Of The Prophet But Indian Islam

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Even though, the Times anchor has gone overboard on a few items, but she is right on most items. Yes, there is not one islam- but many Islams, which is not a problem if they quit pulling each other down. 

No doubt, there are two types of Islam; the Prophets Islam and the mangled up Islam. Prophet’s Islam is universal and focuses on respecting and caring for fellow humans and be accountable for one’s actions, that’s the essence of islam. The mangled up Islam on the other hand is followed by the Isis, Wahabbi, Talibans and others who focus on deriding others and claiming to be superior

As Muslims, we should not have any problems with any group if they mind their own business, not impose their ideas, stay away from judging (shirk) others’s traditions, and not be arrogant.

Islam is such an empowering religion to live our DuniyaN and Deen to the fullest, build peaceful societies, restore harmony and create a cohesive planet earth, and live your lives and let others live theirs.

Let’s keep talking about the Prophet’s progressive Islam, rote learning needs to go. The confident muslim is the one who questions everything, about God, the Quran, Prophet and Islam. He or she welcomes criticism and finds wisdom in the same.

The darpook muslim is afraid to question and will never be a confident Muslim.

We have come a long way, and we have ways to go, and we will. Let’s keep talking.

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Mike Ghouse, Author

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