200 Million Muslims Will Fight Back

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200 million Muslims will fight back – Naseeruddin Shah

Modi has brought India to a dangerous point where Muslims will have to fight back to defend their families, livelihood, and lifestyle. “Jo dar Gaya o mar Gaya” is a statement that needs to be reflected upon.

We have to boldly save our motherland India from getting destroyed by the reckless Modi administration and the extremist RSS ideology. We want every Indian to live securely with his/her faith, culture, language, and other uniqueness.

I have been watching the civil rights movement films by MLK, the Black Panthers, and the Farrakhan. The Black community took the abuse for so long; then, they revolted, and to prevent a 2nd violent civil war; the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed. Whereas the Jews were a tiny minority and took a different approach and got involved in politics and influential policy-making spots. Both methods need to be considered by Indian Muslims. 

Modi wants Muslims killed, succumbed, and reduced to beggars. The response ought to be what MLK did, the march to Delhi. 

What we need is to drill common sense into the RSS ideology. No one will live in peace if they threaten people amidst and around them. I hope the world comes together and demands the RSS and its affiliates to renounce violence.

The call from Naseeruddin Shah is a wake-up call to the world to prevent another Genocide “To Arise, awake, and stop not till the goal is reached – as Swami Vivekanand had put it. A similar call was made by no other than the peacemaker Mahatma Gandhi to resist violence with non-violence. https://www.gandhiashramsevagram.org/gandhi-articles/gandhi-philosophy-of-nonviolence.php 

Tavleen Singh speaks out on Modi’s evil silence


A similar call from Alishan Jafri https://article-14.com/post/-first-they-came-for-our-lifestyle-then-our-livelihoods-now-our-right-to-life–61cd5032dddd1

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