Congratulations to Matthew Marchant

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Congratulations to Matthew Marchant for winning the Mayoral election. We are looking forward for his leadership, while appreciating the work done by our former mayor Ron Branson.
Carrollton election results

I believe there will be run off elections as none of the candiates in place 2 and 4 has secured over 50%

Place 2 – Bonnie Kaplan and Anthony Wilder
Place 4 – Bob Garza and Cathy Henesey
Mayor 5301
Matthew Marchant – 3445 – 65%
Ron Branson – 1856- 35%
Place 2 – 4791
Kaplan – 1776 – 37%
Wilder – 1535- 32%
Desai – 1480-31%
Place 4- 4845
Garza – 1807-37.3%
Henesey – 1442 – 29.7%
Wright 1095 – 37.3%
Patel – 501 – 10%
Place 6- 3445
Simmons – 3445 – 100%
Carrollton election results

By James Roth,

Published: Saturday, May 14, 2011 11:14 PM CDT
The election results are in for the city of Carrollton. The city will see two new members on the city council and a new mayor. As for the school board, both incumbents have retained their seats.

The city will have a new leader of the city as Matthew Marchant beat out Ron Branson to become the new mayor of Carrollton. Marchant won with 64.99 percent of the vote.
There were three places available for election on the city council along with the mayoral seat. Places available on the city council were Places 2, 4 and 6. Place 6 will be retained by incumbent Terry Simons, who ran unopposed.
In Place 2, three people were looking to win the race. The candidates were Anthony Wilder, Bonnie Kaplan and Pravin Desai. Kaplan will join the board by winning a close race with 37.07 percent of the vote.
Place 4 had four candidates looking to hold the position. Candidates included Cathy Henesey, Tino Patel, Bob Garza and Terry Wright. The winning candidate was Garza, who won with 37.3 percent of the votes.
There were two seats up for election on the school board this year: Places 1 and 2. Both incumbents will retain their seats. In Place 1, incumbent James Goode beat newcomer Randy Schackmann by winning 59.05 percent of the vote. In Place 2, incumbent Nancy Cline beat David Yarbrough with 58.89 percent of the vote.
Additional information on the winners will be provided in this week’s edition of the Carrollton Leader.

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