Congratulations Mr. President, time for Republicans to retrea

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Obama Care is secure, thank God |

Thank God for the Supreme Court for upholding Obama Care. Republicans, not all the good ones, but a few extremists among them cannot fathom a black man to be the president and are constantly trying to hide behind their ugliness by making attempts to tear down every good thing Obama is doing for America. They have introduced several bills to undo affordable care… and appealed to the Supreme Court twice and got rejected.

I urge the good Republicans to speak up and save their party from the extremists elements among them who don’t give flip about average Americans – and they should, ultimately, it is all of us, 100% of Americans that makes this country run.

America will stand with Obama and not these guys who are determined to ruin America. Good Republicans, please speak up and put this thing behind and move on with producing good things for America. Obama is one of the few best presidents we have had in 50 years and earn some respect by respecting him.
Mike Ghouse
Center for American Politics

Mike is a
speaker, thinker, writer, pluralist, TV-Radio commentator and a human rights
activist committed to building cohesive societies and offers pluralistic
solutions on issues of the day. His info in 63 links at and writings at 

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