CAIR responds positively, it does not discriminate any Muslim

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I just (9:00 PM, March 6, 2012) spoke with Mr. Ibrahim Hooper; apparently he was upset about something else, and took it out on me. However he came back and said he was sorry and that is fine with me. I understand the daily pressures he goes through at CAIR, but to jump on me, who was defending CAIR was not kosher. He did not even read the first paragraph, which I read to him and is appended below. 

As Muslims we need to go beyond the personalities and look at the matter at hand and find solutions. We are fine now. 

As a Muslim you would defend any false charges against Islam, and same goes with an organization that has become a representative of Muslims. I have been consistently doing this for nearly a decade. Look up Worldnet site, quite extensive interviews on there; I have stood up for CAIR on Hannity show many a times and done that on my forums particularly at the 

On my part, I have and I will continue to stand up for any one from Atheist to Zoroastrian and every one in between including the native and earth based traditions.

Arguments aside, here is the bottom line:

CAIR does not discriminate against any Muslim, he said, CAIR will even defend the Civil rights of Jews, Hindus and others. I am copying this to CAIR reps and if it is different, we will add their correct version here to reflect their exact position.

All I wanted was one single statement or link to their policy manual that they do not discriminate. It will put an end to the criticism leveled at CAIR every where. All of this was not necessary.

Mr. Hooper insisted that I give his cell phone number (202) 744-7726 and he will deal with anyone who has a problem. 

He is indeed the spokesperson, but the ownership of CAIR belongs to the community. CAIR claims it represents Muslims, and the depth of that phrase needs to be understood. 
Here is that statement, CAIR fights against bigotry and will reject any suggestion that a Muslim be denied Justice because one is not Muslim enough.  Should someone seek help of CAIR, they will not deny it to any one, particularly if someone calls himself or herself a Muslim. They are welcome to clarify it. The suggestions floated here sound like bigotry;  i.e. if you are taken into an emergency room of a hospital, you should get the medical care only if you are American enough.   

Continued with previous note: 

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