American Public will punish the Tea Partiers

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Pending wrath of American Public on the Tea Partiers
I am glad President Obama came through poised, clear and precise with stronger than ever conviction. He was Reaganesque when he thundered and said, he will go to every nook and corner of America and talk to the American Public, if the Tea Party members do not approve the Job Creation plan. It is time that American Public hears about them.    

What’s wrong with the Republican Party? Party because they are getting run over by the Tea Partiers.  How long they want to look macho guys, a few will fall for that talk even if they don’t have food on the table. Most Americans will give to them in 2012 if they don’t behave. The 2010 was fluke; they will not win the public in 2012 with 2010 arrogance, they are not in tune with the American public as they were in 2008.

The Tea Party candidates are beyond reason and logic, they act like the Toddlers throwing pranks and rejecting everything. Don’t they need to go to school and get some basic economic lessons? If the nation is going downhill, you don’t accelerate it.  You pump Money in to the economy to generate jobs and create activity, which spurs economic growth and recovery.

Finally Obama did the right thing, to tell them take it or face the wrath of the American People. I hope they see what America needs now and not what they want.                                                                   

Bill Maher about Obama’s speeech –

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