Zionism and Judaism

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Notes I wrote on face book

Barry, I am using the word Neocon to describe all extremist, it is a word that will be used by me instead of Islamists, HIndutva, Neocons or Extremist Zionists.

George is quoting the father of Ziionism and several such leaders who believed in exclusivism. The statements made by Hamas are merely a reflection or mirroring of the what the early Zionist leaders have said. Driving every Palestinian out on one side and dirving Israel in to the sea on the other.

When I spoke with a former member of AJC, just a few weeks ago, he asked me to see the movie Bashir and Martin… I have not seen that yet, however, he said this “Mike I am not a zionist as I beleive in co-existence”… almost every one no matter where they are from, they believe Zionism is a curse to the peace in the middle east, just as Islamism (mist), and Neocons are. The believe Zionism is the reason for the injustice out there. I beleive the prominent Jewish scholars like Rabbi Lerner, Naom Chomsky have expressed similar views, but they are written off as non-Jews by the extremists among Zionists.

I understand the difference between Islam and Islamists, Christians and Neocons and Hinduism and Hindutva – most people bring the equation Judaism and Zionism…per you, and ADL and few others, Judaism is also Zionism, the extremist exclusvists are extreme Zionists… I am fine with it, but a majority of the people around the world understand differently.

For the purpose of clarification, you have to work on it, clearing the name of Zionism from exclusive and apartheid ideology. Put this thing behind Barry. You can do it.

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