What % of Hindu, Christian, Jew or a Muslim are you?

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As a pluralist, I take a quiz at Beliefnet every year, and have consistently found that I am 100% Unitarian Universalist, 97% Quaker, 88% Buddhist, 85% Reformed Jew, 85% Neo Pagan, 79% Baha’i, 80% Muslim, 68% Hindu and 28% Catholic among others. 
My low score about Catholic faith bothers me, and I am committed to read books on Catholicism. I want to improve my understanding to at least 50%.
To be in tune with the whole humanity, meaning peace within, we have to remove ill-will, bias, hatred, anger and other elements that disturb our tranquility. That is what Vedas teach Vasudaiva Kutumbukum (Hinduism), Rabbul Aalameen (Islam) and all of us are God’s children (Christianity) and Mother earth (all native and earth based traditions including wicca and Pagan).

We can call ourselves a good Muslim, a good Hindu, a good Jew, a good Christian or a good Sikh when we don’t have hatred for any. Most people get their religion right and a few don’t. We need to develop the ability to see the ones who do and not re-act to the ones who don’t get it. 

1. Every one of us should score 50% on all religions.
2. It is the rituals that separate one from the other. My score of 80% in Islam is strictly due to a few ritual questions.
3. Philosophically, we should score at least 66.7% on all.
4. In essence, we should all score 100% if we believe the purpose of religion is to bring tranquility to an individual and create cohesiveness with others. 
I will update it later today with more information.
Mike Ghouse

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