What if Netanyahu becomes the Prime Minister?

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What if Netanyahu becomes the Prime Minister?  www.IsraelPalestineDialogue.com 

Note – things turned 180 since then, and a new article will be published by Friday, but we will retain this – Mike Ghouse

The world is encouraged with the chances of a new centrist government in Israel. We hope they will be instrumental in laying a solid foundation for long term security for the people of Israel, and serve uncompromising justice for the Palestinians. Both people deserve peace and security, and they should feel home by dropping their guards and feel safer like babies in their mothers lap.

The newly elected Israeli Parties will make the right decision in choosing their New Prime Minister. I am a supporter of Israel and long to see them all live in harmony.  Peace is a necessity for prosperity, and no one will have peace if others around them don’t.   

Israel has lots of friends. They have not become anti-Semite as Netanyahu likes to propagandize. They simply see Netanyahu as a rogue and oppose Netanyahuism rather than Israel, the world is not against the aspirations of the Jewish people, or Judaism. With the new centrist government things will get remarkably better for all parties; Israel, Palestine, Iran, US and the World.

Exit polls have indicated 27 seats for Likud and Zionist Union each. The right wing, left wing and centrist parties play a crucial role in determining the Prime Minister; Netanyahu can still become the PM, if he changes his position like a chameleon, in that case, it is bad news for the Israelis, hopelessness for the Palestinians, a mess for Iranians and a worse situation for the United States.

He is capable of scaring the devil out of Israelis to put the pressure on parties to advance his name for the Prime Ministership.  Then the people of Israel under duress would have chosen chaos, rather than peace. The dream of Jewish people to have a homeland where they felt safe, secure and live without guards will be shattered.

When he said, there will not be a Palestinian state; he has essentially declared a war on the Palestinian Christians and Palestinian Muslims. Hamas can rightfully point to the world and ask what they should do? Of course, they will not ask, they have no reason to trust us or the others.

The State of Israel can absorb all the Palestinians as “equal citizens” – apartheid should have no place in this world. The Palestinians are now challenged to fight back or opt for Masada – i.e., commit suicide rather than burn in Israeli phosphorus bombs (When Jews were pushed to the corner by Romans, they opted to commit suicide rather than surrender).  Can anyone trust the world to stand by the oppressed, or they are on their own.

Hamas has already claimed that they were right about him, and that makes us wrong from the beginning. It is a clarion call to the people of Israel to reject this man Netanyahu and his evil designs.

What about the world? Netanyahu has boldly spat on the disgraceful faces of 161 (out of 166) Nations at the United Nations by rejecting their resolutions to stop the settlements, time and again. He even slapped VP Joe Biden by funding for more settlements when the VP visited Israel, and now he has declared there will not be a Palestine. This is not the way to build nations.

Shouldn’t the world take action and bring justice to the people of Palestine and save Israel from the clutches of Netanyahu. 

161 Nations of the world feel rejected, and their opinion and resolutions are blatantly discarded by Netanyahu, and that is turning into resentment towards the violator. Indeed, it is really anti-Netanyahuism, rather than Anti-Semitism as he likes to paint, and claim to become the savior of the Jewish people and invite them to abandon those rotten countries in Europe and join him in Israel.

He is driven by chaos, and will unilaterally go to war with Iran, dragging the US into his war. It is the same guy who had lied twice about Iraq and now he has another one on Iran. He has also alienated American Jews; a majority of them do not support his take on Iran.

America will be weakened severely; it will wipe us out, and will be worse than the loss of 43 Million jobs, homes and business closures, divorces, budget deficits that the previous president left. 


The 161 Nations may consider a resolution, that Netanyahu, the current Prime Minister is in direct violation of the world community in establishing Palestine, and unless the Israeli people through their parties choose a Prime Minister who can sit among the civilized nations of the world, and who can respect life liberty and pursuit of the happiness of the Palestinian people, the resolution will stand in place. The resolution calls for pulling the ambassadors out of Israel and sending Israeli ambassadors back to their homes.

The only language bullies like Netanyahu understand is direct threats of isolating him. In a nutshell, Netanyahu is not good for Israel, Palestinians, Iran, the United States or the world. He is the new Saddam Husain who will not hesitate gassing the Palestinians and will alienate Israel further among the nations.

About me: I am deeply committed to building cohesive societies, and have an equal commitment to Jews as with the people of other faiths.  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/mike-ghouse/holocaust-and-the-muslim-_b_4629509.html#es_share_ended   http://israel-palestine-dialogue.blogspot.com/2012/02/about-israel-palestine.html   http://nabsites.net/demo/standing-up-with-jews/  
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