What are you? A Chameleon, Ping pong?

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A non-literary poem
Ping Pong, Chameleon or what?

Who are you, asked a wise woman,
I am me, answered the woman;

Which one of you is you?
What do you mean which one?
I am me, all the ones

When your boss wrongs you, you get angry;
you go into hiding, you feel insecure,
you hold the grudges
you want to get even
So What?
Well when your beloved praises you,
you beam up, you walk on the air,
you exude confidence
you seem to have it together

That’s me alright!
Nope’s, you are a ping pong!

How so?
When your boss pings you, you are off
When your beloved pongs you, you are on
When the bad news hits you, you are off
When the good news dawns, you are on

A Chameleon?
What are you really?
you are on now, off next, on and off;
you are on the switch of others, on and off;
you act and react to what others say or do
what it is that is you?

Let life not become the game of ping pong
idhar say udhar, udhar say idhar
here to there, there to here

Let no words have the power to turn you upside down
Let no one have the power to ruffle you,
Let everything happen around you and touch you
But let you remain yourselves
resist being a chameleon, or ping ponged

Ultimately all of us have to live for ourselves
If we have a firm footing, no wind can shake us
When we are ourselves, we can be there for others.

There is joy in being oneself.
Be yourselves!

Mike Ghouse,

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