Was Jesus right about his teachings?

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Last night, I saw a picture of an ISIS guy holding a kid and causing him to kick the head of the beheaded guy.  Ugly it was, but the comments it generated were uglier than that.  It opened the flood gate of hate, bias and prejudices tanked up against the Arabs in those comments.  If you have so much hate, how are you better than them? How are you more civil than them?

During war and conflicts, men become deranged and do all sorts of ugly things. Talked to veterans, conflict does it to them. The deranged are from every race, nationality, ethnicity and religion, all men behave the same and we should resist the temptation to feel superior, and let bias creep in towards a group of people related to the criminal. I repeat, “For every xxxxx ass, there is a Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Hindu and Buddhist Ass.” 

Jesus meant to save us from prejudices, ill-will that aggravates one’s self and of course arrogance through these two pearls of wisdom, ‘blame the sin and not the sinner, and who can cast the first stone’. You don’t have to be a Christian to believe in his teachings,  I believe in the teachings of Jesus, do you?  The least we can do is changing our own attitudes. 

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Mike Ghouse 
Center for Pluralism 

Studies in Social, religious, cultural, Gender, Political and work Place Pluralism. Pluralism is neither a religion nor rule of law, it is merely our attitude of “Respecting the otherness of others” and accepting the God-given uniqueness of each one of the 7.2 Billion of us.

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