Warning to Terrorists – includes a red poster

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acronyms SOB, AH, BS and others are certainly uncouth, but they effectively
communicate a purposeful message, hence I made that choice.  The Warning poster to Terrorist is a double
edged sword and is at the bottom.

The following comments have been received against the poster below.

  1. “sometimes your brain goes on strike I guess”,
  2. “Don’t jeopardize”
  3. “Who gave you the authority to represent Muslims?”
  4.  “Not appropriate and
    safe for you in today’s hostile environment.”
  5.  “this is a
    mindless drivel”
  6. “You are not qualified to speak for Islam”
  7.  “Do you think your
    severe warning will have any darn effect on these fanatics”
  8. “I second it”
  9. “it is appropriate

In a learning environment, good thoughts and concrete ideas
are developed with criticism and feedback; here is why this kind of response is

  1. Don’t bark at the
    religion for the acts of bad guys. Punishment is set for bad acts, to restore the trust in a given society. When a
    Rapist is running around in a neighborhood, everyone is apprehensive, but when
    the guy is caught and nailed, peace of mind is restored in the neighborhood. Instead
    of catching the guy, if we blame his raising, his family, his religion, his
    race or nation, and his imam, rabbi, pastor or pundit – we will not restore
    peace. I intend to aggressively communicate this idea, the right idea, and
    intend to speak at various law enforcement agencies as well as religious
  2. The criminal ought to know that he will be punished; we will not allow the poor
    alibi of religion, not at all. The Law enforcement and the media people also
    need to get this in their heads, the purpose of investigations and chasing the
    bad guys is to restore trust and not to aggravate by barking at a non-entity
    like Religion. The more you bark at criminal’s religion, race or ethnicity, the worse it gets.
    You cannot shoot, kill, hang, beat or bury the religion, then why bark at it?

  3. 72 Virgins are
    promised. Both the terrorists and the communicators of the problem (Media and
    Politicians) to the world at large have gotten it wrong. The poor guy needs to
    be outraged at the recruiters that he was duped, and there are no 72 virgins
    waiting for him, instead the SOB will rot in Jail if we Americans get him, or
    killed mercilessly if he is caught by the opposite party. No Geneva conventions
    will be observed by either the terrorist or his chasers.  The Media needs to stop the BS of propagating
    the falsity with nothing to back up in the Qur’an.

  4. Both the criminal and
    the law enforcement (coupled with the media and politicians) must be aware that
    it is the Sin, and not the sinner we are after. The clarity should prevent us
    from being unjust.  We should not be
    abusive in disciplining or punishing the wrong doer. As a civil society, we
    cannot become the very evil we want to eradicate.
  5. We should seek the
    criminal to lead us to the source of recruiting material and the recruiters by
    mitigating his punishment. 
  6. The Challenge to
    “read the right translation/interpretation” of Qur’an applies to both the
    criminal and the law enforcement. I am certain, the criminal will become a
    genuine repenter, and the law enforcement will not buy or propagate the dished
    out non-sense in the market or bark irrelevantly.

This is the right
time to forge peace to the society in general, and
American society in particular by boldly and loudly getting people to get
the message, and i.e.,

I am being assertive,
never has any Muslim or other communicated this so clearly and it is time we do
that, thank God for the opportunities he has blessed us with to find
solutions.   If I don’t, no one will
speak, and I sincerely hope many of us to speak up, do it on your own or join

It is time we separate the evil from good.

Bottom line is to free Islam and Muslims from the stupid stereotyping, and focus
on punishing the bad guys and restoring trust in the society. 




SOB, you are the damned murderer, you messed up the peace, and your ass will nailed big time.

Don’t give me the BS about your job, childhood,
parents, kids, siblings, spouse, imam, rabbi, pastor or the pundit. You did it and you’ll pay for it.

am not stupid to buy in your argument that your religion made you do
that, and then bark at the religion endlessly. AH, you are the bad guy
and you are going to pay for it. I am here to restore justice in the
society and not be detracted and scream at your religion like a stupid
ass. I can hang you, shoot you, bury
you and beat you up to restore justice and trust in the society, and that is my goal

Mr. Terrorist, I don’t condemn you, it is your sin I condemn. If you
claim to be a Muslim, just remember, those guys who recruited you, and
cheated you with  false promises of Hoories and virgins in paradise were
dead wrong. There is no such thing nor is it mentioned in Qur’an,
instead you will rot in jail for life. Would you turn in your recruiters
for cheating you? Would you read the correct translations of Qur’an, we
might minimize your sentence?

This should be the attitude of Law enforcement
Authorized by Mike Ghouse, World Muslim Congress.

Mike Ghouse


Mike Ghouse is a public speaker, thinker, writer and a commentator on
Pluralism at work place, politics, religion, society, gender, race, culture,
ethnicity, food and foreign policy. He is commentator on Fox News and syndicated
Talk Radio shows and a writer at major news papers including Dallas Morning News
and Huffington Post.  All about him is listed in several links at www.MikeGhouse.net and his writings are at
www.TheGhousediary.com and 10 other
blogs. He is committed to building cohesive societies and offers pluralistic
solutions on issues of the day.

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