Villains Of Your Children

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My friend Todd C wrote this morning, “My wife said something very sobering yesterday in a brief moment before I left to take my six-year-old to Kindergarten. “This may be the last time we see him.”

Do these idiot representatives listed below have a conscience? Do they not care about the kids who are getting killed because they are not their children? Can your children and grandchildren be spared? Does it matter to them?

What will make them wake up and start representing the people who elected them? I will tell you what will wake these corrupt turds like them – get rid of them in the election or Bribe them with more money than the gun lobby. That’s cheap these turds are.

We are seeking the safety of our children; all they have to do is have the courage to tell NRA that they will listen to children and grandchildren and not them. If they lose the bloody election for that, let them loose with dignity. We will give them a hero’s welcome.

Mike Ghouse

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