Urdu Ghar Louisville, Kentucky

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Each one of us is deeply attached to our culture, and as such we are always
pulled towards it. One of the many cultural manifestations is through the
language, whatever that language may be. We are home in the language that has
been a major part of our childhood and adolescence.

I am sure your attachment to your language is expressed in many ways. Mine is
done by scribbling something or the other in Urdu while I am on the phone or
just between holds on the phone, usually poetry and sometimes even my speech in
English, but in Urdu script.  I have
figured out how to write in typical Indian/Pakistani, Persian and Arabic style
of letters.   I still do my math,
additions, subtractions, divisions and multiplications in Urdu pahaday.

There was a craving
to be affiliated with the linguistic gatherings. Thank God for the International
Hindi Association, a fine organization and I became a life member, and also a life member of Mallige Kannada
Sangha (Kannada Language). We always had an organization called Bazm-e-Urdu in
Dallas, but it merely focused on Mushaeray and not on sit-down exchanges nor did it have membership as an expression of belonging. 

The tishinagi (thirst) finally saw fulfillment when I joined Urdu Ghar in
Dallas, started and run by Dr. Amer Suleman. What is greater is, it is an
inclusive informal organization where Urdu Speaking Muslims, Hindus, Christians, Sikhs and others come together to speak, read, write and listen to in Urdu, more will
be joining as we go further.

It’s a social gathering with Urdu as a common denominator. Thanks to Yasmeen’s
friends in Louisville, Kentucky.  About
12 of us started our first gathering on Wednesday, July 30, 2014, and we hope
to carry this once a month at different homes or at our home.

Dr. Amer Suleman has set a few good standards, and we will follow the same
culture– it is all about freedom,  and started by reading the same Rahnuma Usools (guiding
principles).  We request an RSVP in advance so that the host (take
turns) can plan on arranging tea, snacks, fruits or veggies and refreshments or it can be shared.  No
dinner and no mehman-pleasing-cooking, as it is not viable in the long haul. The
simpler the gatherings, the sustainable they become.

Let’s plan on meeting on Wednesday, August 27 at our house in Jeffersonville or
its open to be hosted by any one. You can text me your RSVP to (214) 325-1916 and let’s be sensitive to our hosts. We will meet on time at 7:00 PM and close the meeting on time at 9:30 PM (less than desi movie).  Let this social gathering be a joy and respectful of every one’s time, otherwise it becomes  a burden.   

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